I promise to do LESS in 2011!

The LESS 2011 conference in Stockholm, October 30th to November 2nd, looks set to be a lot of fun. A highly inspirational and useful kind of fun.

If you go, you get to see and listen to keynote speakers like Steve Denning, former director of knowledge management at the World Bank, and Bjarte Bogsnaes who head's Statoils Beyond Budgeting project. You can hear systems thinker Peter Middleton, and Shingo Prize winner James Sutton.

Check out the speaker lists and the topics, and you will understand why this is an event I do not want to miss. There is a long list of interesting speakers. I'll mention only a few, and I'll not even try to be unbiased about it. Instead, I'll pick those with whom I have had some contact, via social networks or otherwise, over the years:

Jurgen Appelo has a talk titled Complexity Thinking? Or Systems
Thinking++ ? Jurgen will talk about similarities and differences between Systems Thinking and Complexity Thinking, and he aims to connect them with Agile software Development, and the real world of business. Jurgen wrote the book Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders, and he is a very popular speaker.

Ola Ellnestam will talk about Real Options. Ola is the CEO of Agical. I met Ola about half a year ago when I made a presentation at an Agical Geek Night. He is going to talk about how to keep options open in a project until the last responsible moment, without crossing the line and turning the project into a game of chicken.

Torbjörn Gyllebring, is one of the most interesting people I have met on Twitter. Sharp, accurate, concise observations about software development and developers. His talk is titled Kanban is not your process (let me tell you why).

Bob Marshall's talk is titled Keep it Light-Hearted. Bob is experienced, courageous, and has boundless energy. He is going to talk about Rightshifting and the Marshall model. I don't know much about what Bob will say, and I hope he doesn't tell me, because I want to hear it for the first time when I listen to his session.

There are plenty of other speakers, and because my sample was 100% biased in favor of social connections and friendship, you can be assured there are many interesting speakers among the ones I did not mention too.

Oh, perhaps I should tell you, I got a submission accepted too. You can read about it if you go to the Transforming Organizations page and scroll down a bit. I won't tell you about it in this post, because I would like you to scoot over to the LESS website.


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