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Management models - Why they are useful

Put yourself in the shoes of a CEO. What is your primary goal? There are many different ideas about that, but I like this one: To ensure that the organisation can survive and thrive on its own terms! Not my idea by the way, but the idea of Colonel John Boyd, U.S. Air Force. No matter what goal you, as the CEO of your organisation, subscribe to, you have a problem: How do you make the organisation move in the right direction? One of your most important tools is the set of managers in the organisation. According to Gallup, companies recruit the wrong kind of talent for management jobs 82% of the time . Why is that? Gallup puts it down to failure to identify the right personality traits, or talent. Though that is probably true, it is unlikely to be the whole truth. There is another thing that matters: Skill matters ! Talent alone won't make a manager great, or even good. Talent is just a measure of the aptitude a person has for a certain kind of tasks. To be good at

Training makes all the difference!