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myLife with iPad

I bought an iPad 2 awhile ago. I am still working on figuring out why. Don't get me wrong, I had several reasons for buying it: I travel a lot while working. Before the iPad, I always had 4-6 books with me. I wanted to reduce the weight of my luggage, and bring more books. I read a lot, but I also want to bring my favorite reference books with me wherever I go. I want to use my time effectively, for example by reading email while on the go. I can do that on my phone, but I wanted a bit more convenience. My next book will be published as an eBook. I want to understand, I mean really grok, eBooks. I want to take full advantage of the medium. I was, and still am, curious. I wanted to know more about what an iPad is good for. Here is what I have found so far. I do read a lot of email, and browse the web, with my iPad, but I'll skip writing about that. Instead, I will focus on the other things that has made my working life easier the past few weeks. I've bought quite a f