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Tempo 2.0 - Section 3.4 Value Stream Maps

Mapping a Value Stream is an adventure, a bit like exploring an uncharted landscape. If you are serious about improving the way your organization works … Let me rephrase that: If you are serious about improving any process, for an organization, for yourself, or for a friend, you will sooner or later need information about what the relevant value streams look like. You also need a simple, yet useful, way to map the information. Having that enables you to figure out where to focus your efforts. A value stream map is easy to learn, yet very useful, tool for mapping value streams. The purpose of a value stream map is to help you identify waste in a value stream. A value stream map tells you how much of the time that a goal unit [1] spends in the value stream that is value adding time and how much is non-value adding time. Waste, schock, and incredulity Schock and incredulity are common reactions the first time someone sees a value stream map. Does it really take that much time