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Why smart people get depressed, and what you can do about it

About a week ago I posted an article on the IHM Business School blog about an important, but very taboo subject.  At more than 15,000 unique page views the first few days, it is probably the most read article I have ever written. With more than 130 comments on the IHM Blog, it is certainly the most discussed. I was amazed, not only that the article arose such interest, but of the very thoughtful responses, and how many people that have had similar experiences. Leif Claesson, one of the commenters, even took the trouble to translate the article into English. Because of the interest in the original article, I am publishing Leif's translation here. Here is a link to the original article on the IHM Business School blog . --- This was a very difficult article to write. If you prefer reading easy pieces regarding easy subjects, you should skip this one. Robin Williams recent suicide, received a lot of coverage. The speculations with regards to why one of the world’s most gif