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Workshops: Values to Vision and Strategic Principles

I am announcing four workshops in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Each workshop is limited to twelve people, and the first workshop is in just five weeks, so if you are interested in gaining an advantage over your competition, sign up now: Stockholm: Values to Vision, April 15, Stockholm Business Strategy - Principles to Practice, May 6, Stockholm Gothenburg: Values to Vision, April 22 Business Strategy - Principles, May 13 Why should you care about having a clear vision? A vision is a guiding light: The vision helps you establish a connection with your customers, it attracts the right people to your company, it sets a course to follow when developing strategy and tactics. And yet, most companies have vision statements that are bland, uninspiring, and to be frank, not very useful. In the workshop you will learn how to build a vision guided by your own values. You will learn how to use your values and your vision to shape your mission. And, you will learn