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The Innovators

Last Sunday I watched the first episode of Innovatörerna (The Innovators) on TV8. The Innovators is a reality show about two management experts that help companies in a crisis. (Once a show has been aired, it is available for watching at The Innovator's web site. In Swedish though, with no English caption.) If you have seen Gordon Ramsay take a restaurant at the brink of ruin and whip it into shape, you get the idea. The Innovators are Swedish though, so a whipping is when they say "we are disappointed with you". If they are very upset this may escalate into a devastating "we are really disappointed with you". In the first episode they helped F.O.V. Fabrics. F.O.V. Fabrics invented the airbag fabric eighteen years ago. At its heyday the company had 300 employees. Today only 75 are left. When the financial crisis hit the automotive industry, F.O.V. Fabrics saw its market collapse. They had to do something fast, or go out of business. The TV show The Innovators

Last Tempo! Appendix Written

Long time, no blogging. I have been writing though. I finished the last appendices in my business strategy book Tempo! today. There is still some work to do: Some editing. Shouldn't be any major changes. Mostly fixing spelling. Index the whole thing. This will take a bit of work. The book weighs in at about 350 pages. Not too difficult though, just a bit tedious. Write a glossary Make some cover prototypes. A real artist should do the final cover, but I wan't to sketch out some ideas. Translate more chapters for my American and English proofreaders. I wrote Tempo! in Swedish. (In hindsight this was probably a mistake.) You might be wondering what Tempo! is about. It is about a business strategy method known as Constraints Management, or Strategic Navigation. The method was created by Bill Dettmer and is an adaptation of John Boyd's Maneuver Conflict, with The Logical Thinking Process used as the primary planning tool. It is a dynamite package, especially for companies th