Thursday, March 05, 2009

Last Tempo! Appendix Written

Long time, no blogging. I have been writing though. I finished the last appendices in my business strategy book Tempo! today. There is still some work to do:
  • Some editing. Shouldn't be any major changes. Mostly fixing spelling.
  • Index the whole thing. This will take a bit of work. The book weighs in at about 350 pages. Not too difficult though, just a bit tedious.
  • Write a glossary
  • Make some cover prototypes. A real artist should do the final cover, but I wan't to sketch out some ideas.
  • Translate more chapters for my American and English proofreaders. I wrote Tempo! in Swedish. (In hindsight this was probably a mistake.)
You might be wondering what Tempo! is about. It is about a business strategy method known as Constraints Management, or Strategic Navigation. The method was created by Bill Dettmer and is an adaptation of John Boyd's Maneuver Conflict, with The Logical Thinking Process used as the primary planning tool. It is a dynamite package, especially for companies that are serious about turning the financial crisis to their advantage.

The book is meant to be a bit more than just a business strategy book. It is meant to serve as the foundation for a business version of IOHAI leadership training.

Sorry about the short and cryptic posting, but it is late. Just had to write a few lines about the book.


Anonymous said...

Hi Henrik!

The subject matter sounds really interesting! Will you release a public draft on the net, in order to get feedback? When will it be available in the book stores?

Kallokain said...

Hi Staffan,
There won't be a public draft, but I will gladly send you and anyone else who asks for it a review copy.

Don't know when the book will be published. The Way these things go, there may well be an English edition before the Swedish one is out.

The book will get published though, even if it means self publishing.

Anonymous said...


I am difinitely interested in getting a review copy and if needed, will provide payment in advance for the final published version. Please let me know the best way to arrange this.


Kallokain said...

Hi Steve,
Sorry for not replying sooner.

No payment in advance necessary. Why not proofread instead? Cheaper, more fun, and you get your name in the book.

I do need your contact information though.