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Five Day Jonah Workshop with Bill Dettmer

Bill Dettmer will be in Linz again to hold a workshop on The Logical Thinking Process . The workshop will be held March 9-15 in Linz, Austria. The embarrassing thing is that Christoph Steindl of Catalysts emailed me about it months ago, and I forgot to blog about it. A Do-Not-Forget-note surfaced yesterday when I made a long-overdue clean-up of a list of Interesting Stuff.

How values drive HiQ

I saw an interesting presentation about how to build and manage a value-driven organization last Friday. The presentation was a collaboration between HiQ , a Swedish IT-consultancy, and Kevin Ryan, owner of the management consultancy Thread. The evening started off with,  Jerker Lindsten, CEO of HiQ Gothenburg, doing a Guitar Hero performance. I am definitely no Guitar Hero. I sometimes whistle a little bit, but that’s it! As you can see in the picture above, the performance was greatly appreciated the rest of the audience. When the audience was warmed up, Kevin Ryan took the podium. Kevin has worked closely with Lars Stugemo, CEO of HiQ International and one of the original founders, to articulate the company values and instill them in the HiQ organization. Kevin began by talking about the conceptual differences between a traditional maximize-the-profit business and a value-driven business. Kevin built the explanation up in stages and I believe the audience got it. When I