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Talking Tempo! at FRR

I used help from my audience to illustrate how changing the way we work can improve productivity while simultaneously reducing risk. Photo by Susanne Dahl. I held a Tempo! talk again. This time at Framgångsrika Relationer, FRR , a business network. This was (supposed to be) a short presentation so I focused on a single key topic: organizational design. You'd think that is a pretty dry topic, but it isn't. When you dive into why our companies are designed the way they are, it turns out that there is quite a bit of adventure involved: train crashes, dogfights between fighter pilots... Judging from the mail I get following these presentations, people like it. Everyone has their own experience of organizational inertia. It is a relief to get to know what causes it, that it is possible to get rid of much of it, and be happier in the process. Speaking of happiness: After each presentation, I get queries about where to buy Tempo! the book . Each time that happens, I know I ha

Talking Tempo! at the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics, and Law Alumni Network

We had lunch before the presentation. It was a great opportunity to speak with some of the alumni members. I've been talking Tempo! again. This time at th e  University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics, and Law Alumni Network . It was great fun. The alumni network meets up two to four times a month at the university . They have lunch, and follow up with a guest presenter. Feeding the audience before a presentation is an excellent idea. As an added bonus, the presenter gets fed too, something I was in a position to appreciate very much. Bo Ribbenholt Presentations like these are often arranged through networks. A friend of mine, Joakim Olinder, whom I met through BNI, also knows Bo Ribbenholt of the alumni network. Joakim knew I look for opportunities to present, and he heard me talk about Tempo! at BNI World Trade Center in January. He contacted Bo and Bo contacted me. I won't spill the beans about the content of the presentation. If you read Swedish, you