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SAFe: Synchronization vs. Decoupling in PI Planning

Recently, I put my foot in my mouth while tweeting. This turned out to be a good thing, not only because it was an amazing feat of dexterity considering my age and body mass, but also because it lead to an interesting conversation, and thus, an opportunity to think things through, and to learn. I won’t recapitulate the whole conversation in this blog post, because you can easily look it up on Twitter . I’ll provide the tweet that kicked the discussion off though, and give you the gist of the conversation. I have invited everyone who was involved to read and review this blog post, so if I screw anything up, they can jump in and unscrew it again. It started with me tweeting:  That started up a conversation with Henrik Berglund and Beatric During. It did not take many tweets until I wrote: “There are plenty of things where SAFe has a very shallow implementation of important ideas. For example, they borrowed the idea of PI planning from Reinertsen, but ignored the limitations h