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Tempo! presentation at Agical on Monday 31st of January!

I will hold my Tempo! presentation at Agical  in Stockholm on Monday. The presentation begins at 18.00 hours (6.00 PM). The purpose of the presentation is to inspire people to think about the way we do knowledge work, and to provide a few laughs along the way. This is a very fun presentation to do. I get to talk about the wild side of management. Yes, there is a wild side, and it has been very influential in how we build organizations and organize work. I also use volunteers from the audience to illustrate different ways of working, and to show how the way we usually do things is not necessarily very effective. The story I tell involves train crashes, the world's best fighter pilot, a mad economist that became a brilliant psychologist, a record company owner that decided to build spaceships, and of course VISA. And a few other things. I always customize my presentations so that they fit my audience. This time most of the audience members will be involved with Agile software

New website focusing on John Boyd and IOHAI

Peter Hermann contacted me to let me know about the new web site. The site is in early development, but it looks interesting. You can download some of Boyd's original presentations from it, and more is coming. I am going to keep a close watch on it. Just in case you haven't heard of Col. John Boyd: Boyd is a leadership and strategy icon. He was one of the best U.S. fighter pilots ever, developed Energy Maneuverability Theory, fought corruption in the Pentagon, played an important role in the design of the the F-16. His greatest accomplishment was the development of Maneuver Conflict, a strategic framework that has been highly influential. Boyd's decision loop model, the OODA loop, is famous, but he has much more to offer. IOHAI is Boyd's leadership model. The U.S. Marine Corps, in particular, is known to use many of Boyd's ideas. Boyd's ideas can be directly translated to the world of business. In particular, they are important to value-dr

TEDx talk: Alexander Kjerulf on Happiness at work

This is a good talk about Happiness at work. Here is the original page .

IDEO Founder David Kelley on Creative Confidence, Innovation, and the Power of a Child’s Mind

I was poking around on the web a bit and found an interesting Swedish management blog . They have a blog post with a video where David Kelly speaks about Design Thinking. Here is the video. It is worth watching: Here is the original page where the videocast was published . Design Thinking is very close to Systems Thinking. My view is that Design Thinking is an excellent method, fitting right in with the Systems Thinking method package, or methodology. (A methodology is a set of methods based on common ideas.) Design Thinking is both fun and powerful. Well worth studying, learning, and, not the least, enjoying !

Organizational Behavior course at NECB will use my three videos on change management.

The New England College of Business and Finance , NECB, will use my three videos on change management in its new course Organizational Behavior. The Organizational Behavior course will begin on January 10th. It is completely online and was designed by Instructional Designer and Adjunct Professor Jean Marrapodi .