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What does the logo mean?

You may wonder if the logo on my web site and on my articles at Scribd carries some meaning beyond " my sister got all the art genes " or "to cheap to hire a logo designer". It does. The image symbolizes interacting systems. I sometimes label the nodes (the orange balls): We Customers Allies Competitors Environment (Society and resources) Thus, the image can be viewed as a map of the strategic landscape business organizations must deal with. This map reminds me that there is a world full of possibilities. There are often many routes to any given objective. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that the logo resembles part of this diagram: This is John Boyd's decision loop model, the OODA loop . The focus point of the OODA loop is the Orientation phase, where we interpret the data we observe and try to make sense of it. In the OODA loop model, there are five factors that influence how we orient ourselves: Genetic heri is up and running

My web site has been down. Got it up and running again. I took the opportunity to remove a broken Google gadget, fix a link to the best push process demo ever ( ), and to add links to my articles on Scribd. I have been working too much to even tweet lately. Lots of backlogged material though. Sent from my iPhone