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iBook Author – Apple Changes the Game Again!

The latest game changer from Apple is a bit sneaky. Apple recently launched iBooks Author, an eBook authoring tool. There were ads in the App Store of course, but overall, not much fanfare. Nevertheless, iBook Author is an important move. Amazon needs to watch out, or Apple will grab a sizable chunk of the eBook market. Why is iBooks author important? iBooks Author puts Apple in direct contact with authors, bypassing a traditional obstacle to publishing, publishing companies. A traditional publishing flow looks like this: Apple cuts out the people in the middle, like this: Publishing becomes easier, faster and cheaper than before. By itself, this would not be a decisive advantage. Amazon has 90% of the eBook market, and they aim to keep it. However, Apple has another little innovation up its sleeve: the iBooks Author workflow. It looks like this: An author can work directly in iBooks Author, write an eBook, integrating text, video, audio, presentations, even 3D objec