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Traffic Simulator

While looking for material about queue theory, I came across a traffic simulator that is worth a look. With it, you can simulate how traffic moves, and doesn't move, in different kinds of situations. It is worth a look.


I have begun working in a new project recently. It is the first Scrum project at Wireless Car, and they hired Tobias Fors from Citerus to get us started. Tobias presented Scrum in a manner that was both entertaining and informative. The kick-off took two days. The first day was a Scrum presentation, the second day we did Sprint planning. It is rare to meet someone that can talk about the same subject matter for two days straight without being boring even once. I usually make people's eyes glaze over within a few minutes, so I was very impressed with Tobias. Also, for two days I had someone new to talk about agile and TOC and queue theory with. Great!

The Gothenburg Ruby User Group, 2nd Meeting

I missed the first Gothenburg Ruby User Group (GRUG) meeting, but not the second, last Thursaday evening. 15 geeks (only a few of whom are shown in the picture), and Ruby. Doesn't get much better. Niclas Nilsson and Karl-Johan Kihlbom talked about the recent RailsConf conference in London. The main event, arranged by Emily Bache, was a code kata. You can read more about it in the GRUG Google Group at . The next meeting will be in a month or so. I'm looking forward to it already.