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The Primus Vicus Project Part Two: The Crawford Slip Session

This is the second part in the webcast series about Primus vicus and the workshop I held there. This episode is about the Crawford Slip Brainstorming session itself.

The Primus Vicus Project Part One: going Medieval

I recently held a Crawford Slip workshop at Primus Vicus, a medieval village in Halmstad, Sweden. The objective was to help the Primus Vicus society set clear goals, and to create a plan for making the village economically viable now and in the future. The first part is about my own preparations for the workshop. Preparing for helping a medieval village are a bit different from preparing for helping a company. However, the same principles apply: begin with the big picture, the super system where the organization you will work with fits. I hope you enjoy the webcast.

The Scandinavian Agile Conference on October 29th

Vasco Duarte from Finland emailed me and asked me to spread the word about The Scandinavian Agile Conference on October 29th. Keynote speaker will be Gabrielle Benefield from Scrum Training Institute. The conference schedule is here .

Scrum goes Medieval

I have just spent two days leading a management workshop for Primus Vicus, a medieval village and Living History Museum in Halmstad, Sweden. The workshop was a practical introduction to planning and managing using technoques from Strategic Navigation and Scrum. Great fun, and to top it off, the Primus Vicus villagers gave me permission to videotape the whole workshop and use the material in my own webcasts. I'll begin publishing the material here and on YouTube in a few days. Sent from my iPhone

Happy Flu (A Meme Spreading Experiment)

I've been reading up on systemic models for how diseases spread recently. So, when I stumbled on the Happy Flu meme experiment, I could not resist participating. I got the Happy Flu from Jack Vinson .

Bryan Logan at TOCThinkers

Bryan Logan has written an interesting article about how to measure in for profit organizations. It is the first part in a series. Go read! Just in case you are wondering: My blog isn't dead, it's just resting. Material is on the way. Writing a book and blogging is stretching me a little to thin.