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Forthcoming: Pro Ruby

Apress has listed a new Ruby book, Pro Ruby , among its forthcoming titles. Pro Ruby shows how to combine Ruby and agile methodologies into a unified, powerful package. I do have a special interest in this book, because I'm writing it. (Which is why I have blogged less than usual lately.) I don't want to give anything away prematurely, but I can tell you two things about the book: It does not have a Hello World example There is a sample application, but it isn't an online shopping application There will be some time before Pro Ruby hits the book stores. When it does, I hope you like it.

The Daily WTF

This site is too good to miss:

The Declaration of Interdependence

You know all about the Agile Manifesto , of course, but what is the Declaration of Interdependence ? It is the next logical step, the answer to the question how Agile principles can be extended to non-software projects, and management in general. Alistair Cockburn has written about it on his site , and in an article for Better Software Magazine. The declaration is a year and a half old, but the article was published in June. Do read the article. It does show how profoundly different an Agile business is from the ordinary kind. (Technically, "the ordinary kind" is a business based on the principles of Scientific Management and cost accounting .) Just a little something to show that the blog is alive. Have been quite busy the past few weeks, but will make time for more blogging. (I am not sure if that is a threat or a promise.)