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Conflict resolution - Perhaps we should be more childish!

It is natural to want to avoid conflict, but it may not be the best way. You may be surprised to learn who had the courage to stand up in the face of anger and constructively work to resolve a conflict, and who had not. (Photo: Henrik Mårtensson Yep, that's me. Model: Ida Stranne.) You should not decide until you have heard what both have to say. –Aristophanes, c. 446 AD – c. 386 AD I have seen two interesting cases of conflict resolution recently, showing off two very different methods of resolving conflicts. Even more interesting than the different approaches, is who chose which approach. Read on, you will be surprised, or maybe not. Case 1: Scream and make up In the first case, two people worked together on building something, but they had different ideas, and constantly got in each other's way. They took a break, and decided to go out together, to let their tempers cool off. When they came back, the conflict had escalated to the point where they were screami