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Conversation: How Agical Makes Agile Work

Note: This article is available in Swedish at the Agical Blog . Very recently, I visited Agical , a software company in Stockholm that has used agile software development for many years, and has been very successful at it. I've visited before, but it's been more than ten years, so it was time to reconnect. Agile has become very popular, but it has also led to a dilution of the agile ideas in many workplaces. Ola Ellnestam, CEO at Agical, and I decided to write an article together and show how agile works at Agical. At the end of the article, Ola has advice for both management and developers who want to be agile. Henrik : It was fun meeting the whole team at Agical last week. It is noticeable that the software development is at full speed. Before we talk about that, I thought I'd ask about the background. When did you start Agical, and how did you work in the beginning? Ola : Agical was started in the spring of 2005. A bit like a backlash to how work was done in the in