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Five Scrummaster Toolbox Podcasts

The nice people who do the Oikosify Scrummaster Toolbox podcasts , asked me to tell you that they, very sensibly, I think, have split their interview with me into smaller parts. (When I get going on a topic I am interested in, well...let's just say we had a long talk.) So, if you care for your sanity, I recommend you listen to their other podcasts . If you think sanity is overrated, or if it is just too late for you, here are the ones where Vasco Duarte interviewed me: Leadership: How to get people to jump off a cliff, literally ! How to set effective goals for a project . The most important recruitment question . Introducing the Logical Thinking Process and Process Control Charts How to deal with sociopaths at work Tonight, when things have quieted down, I will listen to a few of their more recent podcasts. They've got material there I am very interested in. :-)

The question nobody dares to ask about strategy

Picture by Henrik Mårtensson I originally published this article at Linkedin Pulse : When I transitioned from my work as a developer and systems architect into working with leadership, strategy, organization, and process improvement, I had a lot to learn. Naturally, I read a lot, I joined interest groups, and I asked questions. I soon discovered that there were some questions that, though very important, were never asked. The reason for not asking important questions is usually embarrassment. If I know I am supposed to know something, but I don't, then it is embarrassing to ask. Short term, it is often easier to hide the lack of knowledge. The downside, of course, is that if one does not ask, one does not learn. If nobody asks, nobody learns, but everyone believes everybody else knows… This can create a downwards spiral, where nobody knows anything about something, but everybody is to busy hiding their lack of knowledge to notice. I found that in business, str