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Back in Time

Argh, I'm still busy. I write this at 02.23 A.M. I have just finished working for the day. I upgraded my Mac OS to 10.5 (Leopard) recently. I had several reasons for doing this (being a geek is one), but there were two in particular that might be of interest: I wanted a better backup system than the one I have used previously. Leopard comes with the much touted Time Machine. I have done a lot of work on how the choice of requirements analysis methodology affects the final product lately. This has revived my interest in an interaction design methodology, Goal-Directed Design. I don't know if Time Machine was designed using GDD, but it was certainly designed using a very similar philosophy. Time Machine is extremely simple to use. The only thing you need to do to get going is to plug in an external hard drive (I use a 160GB Iomega dedicated to backups only) and start the program. Time machine backs up the internal hard drive. From then on, it makes hourly backups. Time Machine i