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Starting a New Business - the Systems Thinking Way

I am starting a new business. I am not giving up my work as a business advisor, but I do need a change of pace. Ten years of working to improve other people's businesses have taken a toll. You might think "a change of pace" means I want to slow down. On the contrary, I want to speed up. The very, very slow, cumbersome, and obsolete systems and processes at most companies are very difficult to adapt to. I need to do something challenging, and I need a test bed for ideas. I also happen to love photography, especially trick photography, so, I am setting up a photography business . I am of course applying Maneuver Conflict and Systems Thinking ideas to the new business. Here are some of the things I am doing differently from other photographers: To succeed in business, you need to try a bit harder, and do things other people can't or won't do. Finding a unique segment : Most photographers focus on weddings, portraiture or advertising. I focus on tri