Thursday, June 15, 2006

Forthcoming: Pro Ruby

Apress has listed a new Ruby book, Pro Ruby, among its forthcoming titles.

Pro Ruby shows how to combine Ruby and agile methodologies into a unified, powerful package.

I do have a special interest in this book, because I'm writing it. (Which is why I have blogged less than usual lately.)

I don't want to give anything away prematurely, but I can tell you two things about the book:
  1. It does not have a Hello World example
  2. There is a sample application, but it isn't an online shopping application
There will be some time before Pro Ruby hits the book stores. When it does, I hope you like it.


Chris Hedgate said...

Henrik, it sounds like a very interesting title. If you need reviewers I would me more than happy to be one.

Kallokain said...

You are first on the reviewer list. I've only written about a third of the book yet though, so there will be some time before it is ready.

Could you please send me your email address, so I can let you know when the book is ready?

Chris Hedgate said...

Great, looking forward to it. My email address is

Anonymous said...

Well,I wud love to be on the list as

gnupate said...

congrats on the book. I noticed it on the APress 'Rails Roadmap', but somehow didn't connect you with it.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

How's it going? I noticed that APress doesn't list it anymore... I hope you'll get it finished!

Kallokain said...

APress dropped the book awhile ago. When my wife and I got a son last August, my writing speed dropped to virtually zero for awhile. This made APress drop out.

I think they had also begun to realize that the book they had contracted me for wasn't, and never had been, intended to be a book about Ruby programming. It was intended to be a book about Ruby projects.

Yet another factor was that APress uses a functionally organized production process. This does not mesh well with the more flow oriented process I wanted to use to write the book. (Using a functional process to write a book about how to use flow oriented processes was frustrating to both me and APress, I think.)

I am still working on the book, but I am in the process of reorganizing everything. To make the book shorter and more focused, I am dropping the Ruby parts, and focus on the methodology. (There might be a Ruby book if I ever get this one off the ground.)

My writing speed is still very low. It has gotten a little better though. I ditched the word processor APress wanted me to use, so I can write without getting upset all the time. (I am using TextMate and Lout. I would have preferred FrameMaker, but my Mac won out over my PC. Using Lout is a good learning experience though.)

I have also learned to coordinate being a writer and being a daddy. The daddy bit has the highest priority, so don't expect the book to be ready anytime soon. I might publish excerpts though.