Thursday, April 01, 2010

The First Tempo! Reader Comment

I have been anxiously waiting for comments from Tempo! readers. A book is like a baby: A great investment of time, effort and emotion.

Torbjörn Gyllebring bought one of the first copies. He posted the following on Twitter:
@Kallokain I'm quite inclined to call Tempo! the "Slack" of Business Management that's a good thing :)
Joy!!! In case you haven't read it, Slack by Tom DeMarco is one of the best management books ever written. It is so good that it is actually useful. Slack was the book that got me interested in management.

Once I publish something I just want people to like it and find it useful.

I do not care greatly if Tempo! becomes a great seller. (Though it would be nice, of course.) I do care a great deal about whether readers enjoy the book and find it useful.

I care a great deal about who reads Tempo!. There are ideas in the book that I believe are very important, and worth spreading. If the ideas take root in the right minds, well, who knows what might happen...

It is not my intention to turn my blog into an advertising forum for a book. That would be boring for both you and me. However, I do hope you forgive me if I do go on a bit about Tempo! for the next month or so. Finally seeing the book in print gave me feelings I cannot describe. If I could describe them, I'd probably be a very successful fiction writer right now :-)

As always, my blog posts are few and far between when I am working long hours. I am heavily backlogged at the moment. I have promised to finish the Primus Vicus series of videocasts. I am working on an English translation of Tempo!. I am falling behind on blogging, tweeting, and participating in various forums. I have cut down on reading email, just skimming anything that does not require an answer. Of course, I want to write more books, and make more (and better) videocasts. I need to write one more issue of the Tempo! support newsletter soon. And, oh yes, I recently joined Business Network International (BNI).

Lot's of things to do. Lot's of things to write about. Right now though, I'll go to bed.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to the English version of Tempo!

Kallokain said...


I have translated a couple of pages this weekend, but the going is still slow. To much work in the pipeline.