Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking for Trouble!

I am looking for trouble! That is, I am looking for clients that can present me with difficult, messy, horrible challenges.

Forget the easy stuff! I want to help solve the worst problems you have:
  • Is it just not fun to be the boss? Is your work draining the life out of you? I have met plenty of smart, very intelligent managers at all levels who are  drowning in their work. Too many problems, not enough solutions, day after day. I've been there. I clawed myself out of the mess the hard way. Along the road, I found out how to make managing fun. I can show you how I did it, and help you find your own way. Let's be clear: It will not be an easy road. There will be plenty of challenges. I can promise you a lot of fun though, provided that you are willing to seriously try a couple of new things.
  • Do you have a great vision, but your organization just won't budge from its set course? I can help you find the pivot points you can push to make your organization turn. Part of my value proposition to you, is that I stay around and help you push. My job is done when you succeed.
  • Are the departments in your company at each other's throats instead of collaborating? They may be Accidental Adversaries. I can help you resolve the problems.
  • Did you lose some of your best people during the downturn? Now that the economy is looking up, you may be left behind, because you no longer have the key people you need. I can help. Even better, I can help you set things up so you your organization is a lot more resilient when the next recession hits.
  • Want to increase net profits, but you do not have the cash on hand to make heavy investments. I can help you. Most companies perform far below their potential. I can help you find the hidden capabilities and work with you to unleash them.
  • Are you providing what your customers say they want, but when you show it to them they turn around and buy from a competitor? Common problem, but it can be fixed. I can help you do it.
There are a few things you should know up front:
  • I screen clients. I do not take on a job unless both you and I believe I can add real value. That means you must be prepared to work with me, first on a preliminary diagnosis, then on determining the cost of the problem. The problem must cost something in terms of your objectives, so that it is worth solving for you
If my talents and experience does not suit the problem, I will pass on the commission. If I know someone with experience better suited to solving your problem, I will refer you to them.
  • I always have clear objectives. That means you and I will construct a simple mission statement in the form of an Intermediate Objective Map. This is a simple thing to do. Often, it takes only a couple of minutes. However, it is very important for the quality of my work. 
We will also set limits, that is, determine in broad terms what I am not allowed to do (at least not without talking to you first). For example, I have worked in situations where I cannot interview certain people, and where certain information must be confidential.
If we discover the objectives should change, no problem, but we do construct a new Intermediate Objective Map.
  • I have one boss. Companies are fraught with people who have conflicting agendas. I do not split my loyalty. We determine from the outset whom I work for, and I report to that person or entity (such as a board or steering group) only.
  • You must be prepared to participate in finding a solution. Depending on the problem, participation can range from reading weekly reports and having lunch once or twice a week, to participating in a hands on course, to leading a change team. There are three reasons: 
    • There is a lot of useful knowledge inside your head. I will need access to that knowledge, and your insights, in order to fully understand the problem.
    • You run your organization. I merely help, and for a limited time at that. You must be involved in solving the problem, because sooner or later you must take ownership of the solution. The earlier you do that, the easier it will be.
    • You should not become overly dependent on consultants like me. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve your full potential. If you need me to solve the same kind of problem twice, I have failed. (Working with me again for the fun of it is a different matter.)
  • I work according to three simple rules:
    • Treat the customer as a highly valued friend. I will work for you to the best of my ability. I will keep your confidences. I will be honest with you, even if the things I have to tell you are difficult to hear. Part of my job is telling you the things no one else in your organization can, or dares.
    • Go for Win-Win Solutions. I operate on the premise that there are almost always win-win solutions.
    • Go and find out for myself. I will think for myself. It is part of who I am. It is also a major part of my value to you. I can offer you a different perspective because I am an outside observer of your business. If you want different results from what you have, a different perspective is what you need.
Make 2010 your year! Email me, or call +46 708 56 23 65.

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