The Primus Vicus Project Part Three: The Intermediate Objective Map

This is the third part in the Primus Vicus series. It shows how we designed an Intermediate Objective Map using information gathered during the Crawford Slip session the day before.


Unknown said…

Are you going to post part 4 of the Primus Vicus workshop? I believe it would show how you build the project plan based on the Intermediate Objective Map.

Kallokain said…
Hi Jamie,

You are right. I should have finished the series a long time ago.

I will do it. Give me a week or two. I have some other work I must finish first.

Oh, and if you don't see part four here in two weeks or so, don't hesitate to remind me about it.

I have a backlog of about a dozen videocast ideas. It is just that I have spent most of my free time writing the past year. This is a good time to revive the Kallokain YouTube channel.
Unknown said…

It would be great to see the remaining videos on the Primus Vicus project.

I'm slowly getting through the Logical Thinking Process.

Are there any other videos on TLP that you know of?


Kallokain said…
Hi Jamie,

There will be one more Primus Vicus video.

It has been a long while since I made a videocast. the reason is that I am overloaded with work at the moment.

I do not know of any Logical Thinking Process videocasts. There are a couple of books, including my own book Tempo!. I am translating Tempo! into English, but the going is slow because of my workload.

It is my intent to release a videocast about TLTP at about the same time I publish the English version of Tempo!

I have also considered making a new version of the TLTP stencil at Graffletopia ( ) and release it at about the same time I release the english version of Tempo!. There is lots of room for improvement in the current TLTP stencil...

These are not promises though, just a couple of ideas that have been bouncing around in my head. Comments, and suggestions for improvements, are very welcome.

There is a TLTP book I would like to recommend:

Bill Dettmer's The Logical Thinking Process. It is the best TLTP book I know of.

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