Friday, July 27, 2007

The Trap Has Been Reset

In my previous post I wrote about improving systems vs. improving processes. Yesterday, I went back to the book café in my little anecdote, and found that someone had moved the tables back to their original position. The insidious lamp trap has been reset for the next customer.

As I pointed out, improving systems instead of just processes is worthwhile, but hard to do. It does take a lot of effort, usually over an extended period of time.

Maybe I'll move the tables back under the lamps again this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

You'll need to figure out the forces that counteract your change, and report back on the blog. _Why_ did someone move the tables back? I'm expecting a full investigation Henrik!

Anonymous said...

It seems you didn't change the system after all, but just the process. The system is owned by the coffee shop owner who decides where the tables go.

...or could it perhaps be the cleaning lady? Bring out the 5 Whys from the toolbox!