Test::Unit::XML 0.1.5 Has Been Released

Paul Battley emailed me about a bug in Test::Unit::XML. Attribute strings containing entity references were reported as not being equal even if the strings were exactly alike. I fixed the bug, added an assert_xml_not_equal assertion for good measure, and made a new release.

The assert_xml_not_equal assertion is the inverse of assert_xml_equal. It is mostly a convenience method. That is, it was convenient for me to have it when I wrote a test that compared attribute values.

I haven't worked much on my open source projects lately. It is not that I have lost interest. It is just that I have been otherwise occupied. Thus I am doing defect-driven development at the moment. When someone finds a bug, I fix it. If I can make some small improvement without spending a lot of time on it, I do that too.


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