Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm On Rails

Finally, I have put on Rails! I have rebuilt the site from the ground up with Ruby on Rails. It was a pleasure to do it.

The visible changes are small. There are a few more menu choices, including a link to this blog. The site also lists the most recent postings to this blog.

Behind the scenes, the site is now database driven. Articles, presentations and images are stored in a database and retrieved on the fly. This makes the site a lot easier for me to update and maintain. I hope this will encourage me to write more articles. We'll see what happens.

I had an unexpected problem with reading the Atom feed from this blog. I tried two different Atom modules, but neither could parse the feed properly. Both had trouble with Atom entries that contained more than one link. The problem was easily solved with REXML and XPath. The current implementation is a bit of a hack, but I'll improve it in the near future. I think there is a blog post just waiting to be written there.

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