Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Logical Thinking Process course by Bill Dettmer in Finland

Bill Dettmer will hold a course in The Logical Thinking Process in Finland on the 3-5 of April, and the 8-10 of April. Here is a link.

Bill is a well known management and leadership expert. He has written several very good books. I heartily recommend his book The Logical Thinking Process.

Though I have never met Bill, we have corresponded via email. When I wrote my first book, Tempo!, Bill was very helpful and encouraging.

In case you are wondering:

The Logical Thinking Process is a method for solving problems. You can use it in business, or your private life. TLTP is great for facilitating communication and understanding. It beats long boring Word documents or bullet riddled Powerpoint presentations hands down.

I often use it to visualize problems, to help my customers generate solutions, and to communicate and test solutions before implementing them. The tools are simple to use and very effective.

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