Agile Company Presentation at XP 2012

It nearly did no happen because of my workload, but I will go to XP 2012. Here is a brief description of my presentation:

Agile Company - Win by doing LESS!

Over the past 50 years there have been many attempts to change how business organizations work: BPR, Deming's System of Profound Knowledge, McGregor's Human Enterprise, de Geus Living Company, Semler's Three Ring Model, Theory of Constraints... Despite great initial success, all these initiatives have failed.

Now Lean and Agile show signs of failing, for the same reason their predecessors failed.

The problem is that when a small system, like an Agile team, tries to change a large system, like a company and its customers, through long and continuous contact, the small system will change much more than the large system.

This is also known as Prescott's Pickle Principle:

Cucumbers get more pickled than brine gets cucumbered

Can Agile and Lean avoid getting pickled the same way they predecessors have been? Yes, the solution is doing LESS!


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