Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Management Challenge

Here is a little management challenge for you:

You are a world class management consultant. You have been brought in to fix a problem at Big Company, the world's premier Thingamajig producer. The BC CEO tells you that except for the occasional hiccup, Thingamajig sales have been good for the past two years. Sales have been climbing for some time, but now they have suddenly dropped dramatically. The CEO shows you a sales chart to drive the point home:

Some finicky person has provided a table with the raw sales data next to the chart:

The sales department has 12 people. Most are experienced sales persons. There are three junior sales persons with less than two years of experience. One of the more experienced sales people got married in June.

The CEO wants you to bring sales back to the original level, quickly.

What should you do? Assume that the CEO trusts your world class reputation as a management consultant, and will do whatever you tell her.

If you want to take up the challenge, comment this post directly, or tweet me: @Kallokain.

I will post the correct solution in a couple of days. I should warn you that the solution is probably not what you expect.

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