Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One More OODA Loop Through the IOHAI Hoop

In a previous article I wrote about IOHAI - John Boyd's leadership model. I used Intermediate Objective maps to deconstruct IOHAI in a manner consistent with the ideas in Boyd's essay Destruction & Creation.

A friend told me it was the most incomprehensible essay I had ever written. I regard that as a challenge to make one more OODA loop through the IOHAI hoop. (Though I should warn you I write to comprehend, not to be comprehended.)

In the previous article I mentioned there was another way to decontruct IOHAI. Actually, there is an infinity of ways. Here is one, created under the assumption that Orientation means "good Orientation". Under that assumption, Insight becomes a prerequisite for Orientation. I have also made Orientation a prerequisite for Harmony. We cannot achieve Harmony if we are no good at Orienting ourselves:

Now let's look at Initiative, hanging there all by itself. Initiative is a personal property. Some people have more, others have less. It is a bit more complicated than that though.

Initiative is heavily influenced by training and environment. Thus, lack of training, or the wrong training, will inhibit initiative. So will an environment that punishes initiative, for example by punishing failure. I did a webcast about the effects of fear in organizations awhile ago:

Using the information in the webcast (which is assembled from a variety of sources) and combining it with the IOHAI IO map, we get:

At this point, we do not have purely a prescription for good qualities in a leader. We have connected IOHAI back to the environment.

In other words, we need a fear free, failure tolerant organizational culture in order to grow good leaders according to the tenets of IOHAI.

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