Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bug Hunt

A friend and I spent an enjoyable afternoon debugging a Rails application yesterday. "Enjoyable" and "debugging" usually don't go together, but in this case they did.

My friend, who happens to be a much better programmer than I am, was stuck on a bug. His application had a form that worked correctly the first time it was used. The second time around, values filled in the first time reappeared in the form. In the end it turned out that an automatically generated find_xxx_by_id method returned the wrong data the second time it was called. (My friend is filing a bug report.)

Our excursion into bug country was enjoyable because we solved the problem as a team. It made it easier to keep focused. There was communication. We could bounce ideas off each other. I learned a few new things about ActiveRecord. We solved the problem, and the bug report may save other people some trouble in the future.

It was a good half days work.

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