Monday, December 03, 2012

The Reality Dysfunction

I was asked to submit a presentation proposal to Stop Starting, Start Finishing, the Lean Kanban Nordic conference, 12-13 Mars, 2013, so I did:

If the proposal gets enough votes, I'll get to hold the presentation.

Here is the proposal:

Tempo!: The reality Dysfunction puts the fun back in dysFUNctional. 
How did we end up with so many dysfunctional companies? To fix the problems we face today, we must understand the causes. 
Tempo!: The Reality Dysfunction is a romp through the wild side of management history: It starts with a bang, a train crash the 5th of October 1841, with consequences that cause companies to fail in 2013. 
You will meet the unbeatable fighter pilot, who also figured out how to build an unbeatable organization. You will see what managers must know to lead an Agile development team. 
You will see how most companies are applying fundamental principles of strategy, psychology, and physics backwards, and hurt and disable themselves in the process. You will also find out what to do about it, and who has already succeeded. 
There will be a practical demonstration, with members of the audience, showing how a simple restructuring of work can reduce lead times by 60% or more, while increasing quality. 
And, you will have fun!
Serious enough to get your vote? You should of course check out the other proposals before you vote, so you can pick the ones you are most interested in. (You get 10 votes, and you can put up to 3 votes on any one proposal.)

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